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Food Security

Food security is a major concern internationally. According to the Department of Basic Education’s report, over 9 million school children at more than 19 000 schools benefitted from the National School Nutritional Programme in 2013/14 (It is estimated that this figure has risen to over 11 million children in the current financial year). This is indicative of the magnitude of the food security challenges we are faced with. WE must be cognisant of the fact that each child represents a family in need. It stands to reason that for each hungry child, there is a caregiver at home in a similar position.

Feed the Love is focused on playing its role, in conjunction with and in support of other role players, in this arena. In conjunction with our partners we wish to work together with other organisations and institutions in trying to address this basic need.

Feed the Love has access to Go Beyond Nutrition which is a Functional Food product (in a drinkable format, which includes distilled water) that has been scientifically formulated, specifically for people in extreme conditions, who have above average nutritional requirements, as well as undernourished individuals, including children.

Go Beyond is formulated with unique patented and clinically tested functional ingredients called Sel-Plex Plus® and Bio-Mos®, which aids immunity, digestion, as well as absorption of important nutrients.

Feed The Love offer superior products, packaging and delivery to our recipients. We believe that this convenient food “milkshake” will assist with important minerals and electrolytes in individual’s immune systems that have destroyed their ability to fight infections, found in most cases with young individuals living with inherited HIV/AIDS and foetal alcohol syndrome.

In addition to the Go Beyond Milkshake option, more traditional food packs are also available for distribution. These packs, although marketed as “feed a child”, is cognisant of the wider food shortage, over provides dried food products to also assist and support the extended families of the recipients.

Emergency Disaster Assistance

Feed the Love has the capability to react quickly to assist in any natural (floods, earthquakes, tornados, droughts and the like) or man-made (wars, refugees, etc) disaster that affects people’s ability to access clean and nutritional food supply.

In all cases of disaster management, access to areas is often problematic. Our unique Go Beyond milkshake is easy to distribute to inaccessible areas and is specifically designed to provide the emergency nutrition required in such situations. (Please refer to the description under the ‘Food Stability’ tab above.

Our focus is to respond swiftly to supply the need for nutritious meals in disaster stricken areas, so that the need for instant nutrition will be addressed and the spread of illness is lessened.

Teaching Basic Life Skills

The nature of our growing network of partners will facilitate a cross pollination of focus areas and an overlapping of influences and outcomes. As basic needs of food and shelter are addressed, other areas of development can manifest. We plan to cooperate and work hand in hand with other organisations in the development of basic life skills throughout our communities.

Upliftment and Empowerment

As part of our wish to create a functional economy, our thought is to create functioning individuals within our economy. According to the World Health Organisation, “’Empowerment’ refers to the process by which people gain control over the factors and decisions that shape their lives.” How can we not assist those who cannot necessarily take it upon themselves to better their environment, if they do not have the means to do so. We have a responsibility as humans to help better each and every individual in our communities.

Leading on from teaching basic life skills, Feed The Love would like to venture, together with our partners, into facilitating skills development and through that process, promote sustainable economic opportunity, albeit through job preparedness / creation or the development of entrepreneurial skills.

Developing Local and International Partnerships

Feed The Love is focused on developing working partnerships with individuals and corporates locally and abroad, to enable US to reach as many persons as possible, and to create radical change on a larger scale. We feel that it is important to have these partnerships, as our force for change will be backed by an incredible driving force from all walks of life. Positive change occurs when people collaborate in large acts of positive progress!

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