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Addressing basic shortfalls in  informal settlements.

Chairman’s Note

November 2019

Feed the Love was started as a result of a wish to distribute 50 shoebox gifts to underprivileged children during November 2015. I don’t think any of us, at that time, understood or had any real idea of the magnitude and complexity of the urgent and basic needs in so many formal and informal communities across the country.

We were very quickly woken to the realities of life in our less fortunate communities. Needs ranging from basic foodstuffs, clothing, shelter, medical kits, baby goods, household utensils, plastic sheeting to close a window in a caravan shell, economic opportunities, and very often something as basic as simply knowing that someone cares and is trying to make a difference. It is difficult to gauge the total volume of food distributed, but we estimate it to be over 10 000 meals.

As a result of our initial drive, it was decided to register Feed The Love Foundation as a non-profit organisation with the appropriate authorities. Our motivation is to contribute to addressing basic shortfalls in communities and where possible support, encourage and develop those in need.

From the onset we were very blessed by the spontaneous support we received from South Africans across the world that enabled us to start making small differences in people’s lives.

The photo albums will show how we were involved with the provision of foodstuffs, clothing, bedding, providing building materials, providing gardening tools, funding the building of 28 wendy houses, basic medical supplies (plasters, bandages, dewormers etc) and the list continues.

In addition, we have provided funding towards the provision of 2 prosthetic legs for amputees, and major heart surgery for a new born baby.

A huge thank you to everyone that contributed towards our work over the last 4 years. Every little bit has helped and made a difference.

Realising that we (pretty much 8 volunteers) were not able to do everything ourselves, we partnered with other like-minded organisations like UJW and CHOC and registered orphanages to reach places and people we could not get to. 

Considering that development and progress is not achieved in isolation, we are currently focusing on developing sustainable partnerships with corporate and other role players in this broad field of social responsibility. We are planning on drastically expanding our food hamper programme, developing an emergency disaster food relief service, providing a bridge between donors / service providers / recipients on an agency basis. We will be launching a programme to address the huge sanitary needs – for younger women in the near future. These are some of the ideas in different stages of planning and implementation.

WE can stand together and form effective partnerships, the more impact WE will have and the more change we will bring about in OUR country.


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Our Vision

Our vision is that no person is an island and is not trapped forever in their circumstance. People fall on hard times, but through OUR efforts, OUR support and positive contributions, those circumstances can change and ignite the building and development of a strong nation. Our vision therefore is to make an impact on the social upliftment of those less fortunate who can ultimately benefit initially and then pay it forward.

Our Mission

Feed The Love’s mission is to play a multi-faceted role in the identification and implementation of social upliftment / developmental programmes and through the provision of basic aid in areas of need. These would include fostering partnerships with both individuals and corporates in the identification and execution of suitable aid projects on both a long and short term basis and the creation of a resource base, both financial and intellectual, that can be applied to contributing to the development and improvement of social structures as basic as supplying the nutritional sustenance of a person for a day, week or month.

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Involved Parties


A confidential list of our sponsors is available on request. Please kindly email info@feedthelove.org.za should you wish to receive this information.


Feed The Love have very special partners!


Sable Park, 997 Richards Ave, Midrand, South Africa

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